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Noon ephemerides can be created by the users, see FAQ entry 5 here. Please be aware that you can create ephemeris files also on the page "Extended Chart Selection". These printable ephemeris files were created from the Swiss Ephemeris library. Swiss Ephemeris is a highly precise ephemeris toolbox available as source code and as a DLL. Please see Swiss Ephemeris for Programmers. Your name: Robot Spiderwoman Visiting Astro. Com Logout Shopping Cart 1. Current Planets.

Comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko heliocentric.

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All named asteroids. This textbook gives an overview of the theory, technique and analysis of symmetrical astrology. One of Bernd's goals was to highlight the similarities between "traditional astrology" and the Uranian Astrology. Bernd Singer oriented himself strongly to the writings of Alfred Witte and in particular to Ludwig Rudolph, whose textbook "Leitfaden der Astrologie" Bernd Singer regarded as the most successful textbook of the Uranian technique and therefore became a model for his own book. The graphic linear and circular ephemeris have a long and important tradition in the Hamburg School.

While the graphic circle ephemeris see left gradually lost importance with the increasing computerization since the early s, the graphic linear ephemeris remained an integral part of the Hamburg method - for 90 years now. Unfortunately, the lines and intersecting lines sometimes seem confusing to the untrained eye, while the application of the graphic ephemeris is incredibly simple and yet effective.

TNP 1870 – 2070 Transneptunian Ephemeris

Beginners, even without a formal education, can benefit greatly from the linear ephemeris after a short introduction. There is hardly any other prognostic method with which one can learn so quickly the analysis of the constellations in the radix, directed or progressive and transit.

In Ludwig Rudolph presented a new development in his book "Das Linear- oder Streifenhoroskop und seine Verwendung" "The Linear or Striped Horoscope and its Use" , which led to more order and more effective results in connection with the graphic linear ephemeris. He was convinced of his discovery and registered his development of a special measuring strip as a utility model with the Patent Office DRGM No.

Ludwig Rudolph on graphic representations in his writing: "For the sake of simplicity and clarity, graphic works have long since been given their due place in the sciences and technology and, of course, should not be missing from serious astrological research.

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The Hamburger Schule has paid special attention to these fields for a long time, and their successes and progress have been significantly influenced in a favourable sense. Also the calculations of the much disputed transneptunian planets have become possible only by means of the graphic way. Such designs [ Since the early s, but especially since , Witte-Verlag has regularly published graphic circular and linear ephemerides in standardized form. An advertising leaflet showing four miniaturized linear ephemerides as pocket companions as well as a round graphic ephemeris has been preserved.

Ludwig Rudolph wrote here in his accompanying text: "What will the New Year bring? What kind of news? You will hear this from us on a case-by-case basis. Under the spring sun of the new year, the ice of the last two years will have melted to make way for a new life and movement in the Witte-Circle. Also the Rules Book will be expected again.

They showed all Transneptunians as well as Pluto and indicated further on the line of the sun the moon phases. Albert Kniepf was a philosopher, literary critic and astrologer. At the end of the 19th century, Kniepf contributed significantly to the serious revival of astrology in Germany with his publications and his personal commitment.

What was special about Albert Kniepf was that he did not only refer to former traditions, but also particularly committed himself to the modernization of astrology in the sense of a modern science. Kniepf thus became the first spokesman for a development that a few years later led to an innovative astrological scene with a scientific claim. In his writing, in this issue: "The Psychic Effects of the Celestial Bodies - Physical Foundations of Horoscopy and Astrology in Outline" , Kniepf makes clear his philosophically scientific point of view.

Kniepf used scientific and boundary-scientific findings and the principles of nature in analogy to astrological hypotheses.

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Anyone who has studied the works of Alfred Witte will find clear parallels to Albert Kniepf. Witte adopted Kniepf's concept of magnetic fields, and slightly modified the division into colours. This segmentation was for Witte an important basis for the astrological evaluation of known and unknown planets. There is no doubt that Kniepf had an important influence on Witte's theoretical approaches.